Wedding wise… or weary?

08 August

Wedding wise… or weary?

He’s popped the question and I’m getting married, how exciting! The date is set, venue booked and all of the planning begins. Excellent, this is where all the fun starts, right?

But wait, there’s one important factor I haven’t mentioned – I’m a graphic designer…

Panic! Yes, panic.

‘Why?’, you ask?

Well the answer is simple – I am a graphic designer.

How is a graphic designer meant to approach the design for one of the most important days of their life?

This is the dilemma I was faced with only a few months ago. Planning a wedding was a task in itself.  Planning a wedding as a bride and graphic designer is another story altogether.  ‘I’m a graphic designer, I’ll design my own invitations,’ I said in a moment of madness.

Where to start?  The options were endless and there I was, the client and the designer – a recipe for disaster and certain insanity! Choosing the gown, venue, flowers and the like were all relatively easy jobs but then there was the ‘little’ issue of the invitations…

Square cut, DL or special die-cut? Portrait or landscape? Simple, classic or contemporary? Specialty stock or something else? Standard print or letterpress? How many colours? Special finishes?  The list goes on…

I’m a graphic designer so everyone will be expecting something different, right?

What font do I choose? Casual or formal? How many different combinations of wording could there possibly be for a wedding invitation?!  Do I design an emblem to carry though to all the graphics for the wedding day and what should it look like? How do I make it different? How do I make it stand apart? How do I make it different?  Sigh…

I’m a graphic designer so everyone will be expecting something different, right?!!

Being designer AND client was the scary part.  There was no one to pull in the reins to the numerous changes I made to my original brief. Why was I changing my own brief? It’s a bride’s prerogative right? I had become my own worst nightmare!

After all the indecision, testing and multiple layout versions, I finally decided on ‘the invitation’.  It was then that everything else fell into place… thankfully.   Looking back now I was happy with the end result. Did anyone understand the state I was going through as bride and designer?  Probably not….Well perhaps that’s not entirely true. All graphic designers would understand my pain. My now husband witnessed my near insanity…and still married me! Lol.

In the end, invitations and the like, are short lived.  They are there to make an impression but eventually end up in the bin!  Most guests, like me, would have received the invitation, had a cursory look at the details and kept it in a drawer somewhere up until the event. Then it’s bye bye invitation.

Would I do it all again? Most likely yes. Why? Because I’m a designer and that’s what we do. We can’t detach ourselves from it; it’s what we know.

Original wedding photograph: Nadine Saacks Photography
Design: Sussanne Caccamo
Invitation Photography: Darren Whittam

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