Stay for the credits, graphic design matters!

10 January

Stay for the credits, graphic design matters!

Alas as Graphic Designers we do not have the luxury of an unlimited budget and though graphic design usually doesn’t come to mind when discussing movies it plays a pivotal role in the look of advertising, posters and sometimes the very signage we see in the movies themselves.

In the short film ‘Nerds In Love’, the initial brief was to create a logo and poster for the film. With no film to reference, the task proved to be a challenging one but working with the director a look and feel, inspired by comics and graphic novels, was achieved for the promotional material. As in some cases, this job grew. The director required fictitious branding for a supermarket called ‘PriceLow’ – signage, register displays and name badges for the actors portraying supermarket staff. After several concepts the right balance was struck that effectively marketed the film and stayed true to the themes in the story. Elements of the film’s branding were also integrated into the film with the colours used as inspiration for the costumes worn by the actors.

This month’s website backdrop focuses on the characters with elements hinting at the location (i.e. the trolley and the background using the colours to hint at a supermarket aisle in abstract form). The photographer was also supplied a brief to indicate the type of cast shots that were required for the poster and some Photoshop work was required for the before and after images. The bright colours in the backdrop were inspired by Pop Art and the dot pattern is reminiscent of early style comic book printing techniques. Like the comic book style, the logo also uses a ‘nerd’ theme, in this case retro video games such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man.

‘Nerds In Love’ has been accepted into Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2014 – with its world premiere at 8.45pm on Saturday 11th January at the Pavilion on Bondi Beach.

Director Sean Rodrigo
Design Gail Pearce (Kudos)
Photography Michaela Skovranova

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