Photoshop, anything’s possible

19 September

Photoshop, anything’s possible

Well, if we truly knew the scope of how much of the advertising we see has been “touched” up with Photoshop we would all have to agree that yes, anything’s possible. From removing blemishes from a model’s skin to make her look near perfect to giving a greasy burger a more appealing nutritional look to making it appear as if you’re holidaying in a foreign country when you’re really sitting at home in front of your Mac (like one Dutch student recently did), Photoshop allows us to warp reality like gods, one pixel at a time.

Photoshop was created in 1988 and developed and published by Adobe Systems. Since then, it has become the industry standard in graphics editing, such that the term “photoshopping” was born. Used by many businesses that rely on image editing, it found a home amongst the Graphic Design industry and can be considered the one piece of software in the Adobe range used most by graphic artists.

Part of the Adobe Creative Suite, along with InDesign, for document creation and Illustrator, for vector editing, Photoshop is the application used when image based work needs to be done. With its dizzying array of tools, Photoshop allows us to perform simple tasks such as changing a colour image to black and white or cropping a photo to adding an effect to an image that simulates painted brushstrokes or creating realistic photo montages of a fantastic scene. The features of this application are nearly endless and listing them all would take several blogs.

This month’s backdrop highlights what is possible with Photoshop, a bit of time and an imagination. An idyllic mountain panoramic, itself an amazing scene, is transformed into chaotic image of impossibilities. Wildlife from warmer climates graze in a park complete with lampposts and a park bench while deer go about their business. In the background a metropolis sits at the base of the mountain while an all too familiar bridge spans a very tropical waterfall. In the foreground a toy robot gazes ahead with a silly grin on his robot face while a ladder disappears into a square hole in the ground.

Flanked by a futuristic spaceship and a humming bird in flight, with Earth hanging in space like a moon, our title treatment, “Photoshop, anything’s possible” explodes above the fantastic montage with shattered glass, dizzying colours and flares of light. Each element of this image depicts a layer in Photoshop, this allows us to easily move, edit and remove the individual pieces and though a design as fantastical as this is rarely asked for by clients, it does show the upper limits of what is possible with Photoshop. After all, anything’s possible.

Design Joe Scibilia (Kudos Studio)

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