Offsite Contract

Offsite Contract Services in Sydney. We handle your staffing needs.

What is an offsite contract?

An offsite contract covers the duties and obligations of design work performed ‘offsite’. In effect, we provide you the services of our designers, whom you can hire contractually to perform work within the premises or specific context of your business. As opposed to ‘onsite’ work, where our designers work for us and perform tasks within our four walls, as employees of Kudos Studios.

Offsite contracting carries numerous benefits, including:

  • Greater control over the creative process
  • More financial control
  • You can terminate our services whenever you feel is necessary
  • Location is not an issue

At Kudos Studio, we aim to cover all bases in any situation. The design industry is highly unpredictable, and numerous critical elements can go wrong at any given time. With three decades of experience, we have consistently adapted to the changing tides of the design industry. We employ a highly dedicated team of designers and creative personnel that are willing to perform offsite work. Whether you need personnel to cover up for manpower shortages or employees on sick leave, our staff members are ready to take up the challenge.

Kudos Studio is a primarily service-driven business, and we charge only on an ‘as required basis’ to minimise our client’s costs.

If you need a designer onsite for an extended time period, contact us, and we’ll handle your staffing needs.

Our clients through the years

We have provided cutting-edge creative solutions for brands such as the New South Wales Telco Authority, Audible, Universal Music Group Australia, 20th Century Fox, Hettich, Bacardi, Martini, Hitachi, Moët Hennessy Australia, the International Grammar School, and Forbo.

We leave no stone unturned at Kudos Studio. Contact us, and we’ll provide you with a complete set of staffing solutions.

Kudos Studio Off site contract