Great design, smart business

07 May

Great design, smart business

Are you using design to its full potential?

Graphic Design is meant to capture the attention of the viewer. If it doesn’t, that’s a potential customer lost. With something so critical would you risk the fate of your business not using a professional graphic designer?

Sure you want to save money, and we understand that, and sure these days there are several relatively inexpensive software packages that will allow you to pretend to be a graphic designer, but really, putting on a pair of overalls and picking up a spanner doesn’t make you a mechanic! There is a huge difference between good design created by a professional graphic designer and bad design done by the boss’s receptionist using Word.

But art is subjective you say? Yes well we’ve all seen the painting of the blue square in the art gallery that’s worth millions, but graphic design does have its own set of rules that designers follow, things you may never think of such as type style, legibility, contrasting colours, use of white space and brand recognition. Not to mention the technical side of printing. You can’t just send a flyer you created in Windows Paint to a printer and ask for 10,000 flyers. There are things to consider such as image resolution, bleed, page size, printing colours as well as design.

Graphic designers not only work in print but also in the web. The classier, and let’s say trendier, a website looks the more likely your goods and services will be considered worth paying for. Would you buy a product from a company whose website is a cacophony of different fonts, fit inducing colours and an interface that requires an instruction manual to navigate? Not likely.

In a marketplace flooded with dozens of rivals all promoting the same product or service, the best way for your business to stand out from the crowd is by creating strong branding and clear communication. Hire a professional graphic designer and let the receptionist get the coffee.

Design: Amy Kokotas (Kudos Studio)

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