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Affordable and Flexible Desktop Publishing Services in Sydney

A convenient and affordable alternative to our full design package

Kudos Studio offers a complete set of desktop publishing solutions for a wide range of industries. Desktop publishing is a useful alternative for businesses working on a budget or fast turn-around times.

We produce a wide range of desktop published collateral, including brochures, pamphlets, catalogues and directories, to name a few. We specialise in promoting ‘below the line’ to net a broad range of specialised clients. Kudos Studio is a primarily service-driven business, and we charge only on an ‘as required basis’ to give you maximum value for money.

Partner with Kudos for results that matter

At Kudos Studio, we continue to push the envelope and redefine the industry with cutting- edge designs. We approach everything we do with inspiration and careful attention to detail, bringing results that make a difference.

Over the last thirty years, we have continued to improve our processes and adapt to the changing tides of the design industry. With our passion for creative design, we have risen to become one of the top creative agencies in Sydney.

Contact us, and we’ll come up with a solution for you.

A proven desktop publishing track record

Kudos Studio has worked closely with local and international brands from numerous industries, and our team is equipped to tackle a broad range of creative tasks.

We have provided cutting-edge desktop publishing for brands such as the New South Wales Telco Authority, Audible, Universal Music Group Australia, 20th Century Fox, Hettich, Bacardi, Martini, Hitachi, Moët Hennessy Australia, the International Grammar School, and Forbo. Each project is a testament of the level of care and attention to detail Kudos Studio is known for.

Work with us, and we will create an eye-catching visual display for you.

Kudos Studio Desktop Publishing