07 May

Great design, smart business

Are you using design to its full potential? Graphic Design is meant to capture the attention of the viewer. If it doesn’t, that’s a potential

19 September

Photoshop, anything’s possible

Well, if we truly knew the scope of how much of the advertising we see has been “touched” up with Photoshop we would all have

07 March

Can’t we all just get along?

Has your office taken the Personality Test? Are you creative, neurotic, decisive, organized, messy, sweet, sophisticated, outspoken or quiet? The Myer Briggs Indicator Test (MBIT)

10 January

Stay for the credits, graphic design matters!

Alas as Graphic Designers we do not have the luxury of an unlimited budget and though graphic design usually doesn’t come to mind when discussing

18 October

Eye of the beholder

When does a photograph become art? Photography, like art and pretty much anything creative, is subjective and biased; it tries to lead the viewer towards

08 August

Wedding wise… or weary?

He’s popped the question and I’m getting married, how exciting! The date is set, venue booked and all of the planning begins. Excellent, this is